Why Marketing Outsourcing Makes Sense

It may not look that way, but sooner or later, every business will need some marketing to continue (start) growing. Even if it is something as “tiny and insignificant” as a local fast food restaurant, some marketing will come in handy. It can be something as natural as word of mouth which spreads around town or it can be a gigantic marketing campaign that will require millions. Read More

Outsourcing Security – Both Online and Physical

Security DefinitionThere are many small-to-medium business owners who do not worry about security until something happens. They keep thinking that security breaches are something that happens to others and they either totally ignore it or do a minimum. And then, when something happens, when their equipment gets stolen or their information gets taken; then they start thinking about security. Read More

Outsourcing Your HR– A Smart Idea?

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Human Resources is an aspect of running a business that most business owners know very little about. This is especially true for small and medium sized businesses that are mostly started by people from a certain specialized industry and who do not know that much about taking care of the “miscellaneous” aspects of business ownership. For most businesses also, HR is not essential and it does not “make money” directly. It is therefore possible to outsource it, but is it a good idea. Read More

Ways Project Managers Can Benefit From Lean

"LEAN" (quality process improvement efficiency)
Lean is a systemic business method for waste elimination. It first originated in Japan in the eighties, but has roots dating back to the Ford production line and Fayol’s principles of management. It has since gained global acceptance and popularity in the business world. Implementing Lean is a sure fire way of boosting profits as it directly affects employee productivity and enables business owners to utilize their full business potential. In a nutshell, Lean brings processes that add value to the forefront by reducing everything else. Here are some of the many ways your business can benefit from Lean training. Read More

Outsourcing the IT Department – a Good Idea?

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For most small businesses, outsourcing an IT department is not even debated. The requirements of having an in-house IT department and the costs of running it make it impossible for small businesses to feature their own IT people. However, in some advanced small businesses, mid-sized businesses and especially in big firms and companies, outsourcing is not the only choice and such businesses might want to have their own IT department. So, for such businesses, is outsourcing the IT department a good idea? Read More

Affordable Small Business Marketing on a Tight Budget

Affordable Small Business MarketingThere are two facts that have always been true for the world of small business and that will forever stay true. Fact No. 1 is that most small businesses do not have money to throw around. Most of their money has gone into starting the business and they are mostly trying to stay afloat till the business picks up. Fact No. 2 is that small businesses need marketing, especially in today’s economy where it has become harder than ever to compete with the global reach of the large players in all industries. Read More

Smart Ways for Business Owners to Save Money

Cutting the Costs
There are two main ways in which a business owners can increase the profits. The first of these is to boost the income by getting more customers and selling them more and the second of these is by cutting the expenses that every business demands. Today, we will be talking about the latter – the smartest ways and the most painless in which a business owner can cut the costs of operation to save money. Read More

Diversifying Your Business with Smart Investments

Smart Investing
There comes a time when a company needs to diversify and invest some money in other enterprises and ventures that will provide it with increased profits and increased chances of staying afloat and profitable. This is true for every smartly-run business that wants to remain relevant and that needs to be secured in case something goes wrong. But, how exactly is a business owner, a company manager or a CEO to do this the smart way. Read More