Smart Ways for Business Owners to Save Money

Cutting the Costs
There are two main ways in which a business owners can increase the profits. The first of these is to boost the income by getting more customers and selling them more and the second of these is by cutting the expenses that every business demands. Today, we will be talking about the latter – the smartest ways and the most painless in which a business owner can cut the costs of operation to save money. Read More

Diversifying Your Business with Smart Investments

Smart Investing
There comes a time when a company needs to diversify and invest some money in other enterprises and ventures that will provide it with increased profits and increased chances of staying afloat and profitable. This is true for every smartly-run business that wants to remain relevant and that needs to be secured in case something goes wrong. But, how exactly is a business owner, a company manager or a CEO to do this the smart way. Read More

2015 Social Media Map: Tools with Links

social-media-map-customIt is amazing to see how social media has evolved in past 10 years. We can see an evolving social media landscape through Social Media Map which Overdrive interactive has recently updated, that index majority of social media tools. Their map is a valuable social media marketing resource, but I noticed that some very good tools are missing from their list, but it still acts as a quick cheat sheet for any social media marketer and especially who are new to this field. Read More

Social media and trade shows – a combination that works

Trade Show CrowdThere are plenty of marketing experts and bloggers who will have you believe that trade shows are all but dead and that it is a waste of money to put up an exhibition at your industry’s leading trade shows. They think it is an outdated practice and that a business has nothing to gain from it. In reality, however, trade shows are still very alive and businesses can gain a lot by exhibiting at such events. Read More

25 Common Misconceptions about Software Testing

Misconceptions about software testingTeams involved with developing, managing, and maintaining software often have misconceptions about software testing. Potential workers and new testers feel lot of frustration due to these common misconceptions and misbeliefs and make them unhappy about their work. Companies have lost their clients when they failed to counter these myths, understand the importance of software testing, QA project plan and difference between goal and mindset of testing which is different for developer and for tester. Read More

Greatest challenges in customer service industry today

customer-service-effortsGreatest challenge in customer service industry today is to have well-structured and strategized customer service philosophy implemented within the company. To have an edge in current global competition, business requires redefining how you engage with clients. Read More

How to Start a Consulting Business

business-consultantFor independently minded entrepreneurs, consulting can be a lucrative career limited only by ambition and skill. Typically, consultants are hired by companies to advise them on any number of issues such as finances, advertising or communications, and technological improvements have made it easier than ever before for clients and consultants to share ideas. Rather than placing your future in the hands of a single company, a consulting business allows you to take control, work with whomever you choose and decide your own rates and terms. Read More