The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Bug reporting

Software TestingUltimate goal of bug reporting is to make an application more stable and allow developers to fix it without any trouble.  Bug reporting is a skill and art that needs to be practiced regularly. Efficient bug reporting depends on your understanding of business requirements, scenarios you tested, ability to differentiate between an average bug and good bug, details you capture and how simply you present to developers. Read More

What You Can Get From Outsourced IT Services

We have talked about outsourcing your IT department on a number of occasions on this blog. We have talked about why it is a good idea, we have talked about finding the best people to handle your outsourced IT services and we have even talked about the mistakes that you should avoid when hiring outsourced IT partners. Then, we realized that we have only touched upon the actual work that they can do for you – the services that they can provide. So, we decided to talk about these in more detail today. Read More

Does Your Business Need a Financial Adviser and Should You Outsource It

Calculating Taxes Up And DownFinancial advisers are financial experts with different types of academic background and education who specialize in helping people and businesses with their finances. Today, we will be talking about financial advisers and how they can help business owners with running their company. Read More

Tasks Your Business Can and Should Outsource

Tasks Your Business Can and Should OutsourceWhen we talked about outsourcing in the past, we mostly investigated ways in which small and medium businesses can outsource entire departments and parts of their business. Today, we will be doing something completely different. Namely, we will be looking at “quick” jobs and tasks that business owners can and should outsource in order to conserve their resources (mostly time) and achieve the best possible results. Read More

Avoid Mistakes Business Owners Make When Outsourcing IT Department

Avoid Mistakes Business Owners Make When Outsourcing IT DepartmentThere is no denying that in today’s ever-changing business world, outsourcing comes as a blessing. An opportunity to find an easy way out of any unpleasant IT project by outsourcing it seems especially tempting. Still, although IT industry discovered how to take even the most mundane human activities and turn them into automated apps, some kind of solution that will magically solve all the IT outsourcing-related problems is sorely missing. That is why we will have to tackle this problem in the old-fashioned analog way, and give you a short list of the most dangerous mistakes you should avoid when outsourcing IT department. Read More

How to Get the Best Results From Your Outsourcing Partners

We have talked in detail about why outsourcing certain aspects of your company’s operation is a smart thing, here, here and here. However, just as important as making that decision to outsource is how you approach this new partnership. Of course, it goes without saying that you will want your new partners to provide you with the best service they can but if you thought this depends solely on them, you were mistaken. You are also part of this relationship and you need to know how to contribute to it. You can do plenty to get the best possible results from your outsourcing partners. Read More

Why Marketing Outsourcing Makes Sense

It may not look that way, but sooner or later, every business will need some marketing to continue (start) growing. Even if it is something as “tiny and insignificant” as a local fast food restaurant, some marketing will come in handy. It can be something as natural as word of mouth which spreads around town or it can be a gigantic marketing campaign that will require millions. Read More

Choose the Perfect Managed IT Service Provider

ball-63527_1280We have already talked about whether outsourcing the IT department is a smart idea some time ago and we have come to the conclusion that it is the smartest choice for a vast majority of small and medium-sized businesses that simply do not have the means to support their own systems and their own IT department. Now that we have established that, we feel it is a good idea to say a thing or two about how ensure that the managed IT service provider you hired is the best and that you are getting your money’s worth. Read More

Outsourcing Security – Both Online and Physical

Security DefinitionThere are many small-to-medium business owners who do not worry about security until something happens. They keep thinking that security breaches are something that happens to others and they either totally ignore it or do a minimum. And then, when something happens, when their equipment gets stolen or their information gets taken; then they start thinking about security. Read More

Outsourcing Your HR– A Smart Idea?

Human Resources                                                     Image Courtesy of
Human Resources is an aspect of running a business that most business owners know very little about. This is especially true for small and medium sized businesses that are mostly started by people from a certain specialized industry and who do not know that much about taking care of the “miscellaneous” aspects of business ownership. For most businesses also, HR is not essential and it does not “make money” directly. It is therefore possible to outsource it, but is it a good idea. Read More