Greatest challenges in customer service industry today

customer-service-effortsGreatest challenge in customer service industry today is to have well-structured and strategized customer service philosophy implemented within the company. To have an edge in current global competition, business requires redefining how you engage with clients. Read More

How to Start a Consulting Business

business-consultantFor independently minded entrepreneurs, consulting can be a lucrative career limited only by ambition and skill. Typically, consultants are hired by companies to advise them on any number of issues such as finances, advertising or communications, and technological improvements have made it easier than ever before for clients and consultants to share ideas. Rather than placing your future in the hands of a single company, a consulting business allows you to take control, work with whomever you choose and decide your own rates and terms. Read More

Google’s Balloon-Powered Internet For Everyone – Project Loon

google-project-loonGoogle’s dream to provide internet access to everyone around the world covering rural and remote areas made Google’s research and development team to come up with a unique solution under the name of Project Loon, Balloon-Powered internet for all. Project Loon began in June 2013 with an experimental pilot in New Zealand and tested this technology in Christchurch and Canterbury. Read More

New Google Hummingbird Algorithm

google-hummingbird-mainOn September 27, Google’s official birthday, Google celebrated its 15th birthday by launching its new algorithm named Hummingbird, which stands for “precise and fast”. Google Hummingbird claims that Google search can be a more human way to interact with users and provide a more direct answer. Read More

Role of Offshore Manager or Onsite Coordinator

offshore and onsite coordinatorBeing into outsourcing from decades, I strongly believe that active communication and flawless coordination of tasks are the main factor of successful outsourcing. Companies have learned this by hard way and now they do not hesitate improve this process.  Trend shows that in order to improve the quality of communication between offshore teams and client, companies have started assigning a dedicated person known as offshore manager or onsite coordinator, who can coordinate the tasks and can oversee different activities. Read More