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4 Simple Tips to Get Your Online Trading Business off the Ground

Every start is hard and when it comes to business, it can become incredibly risky. Sometimes, a single bad choice can result in you losing the money you’ve been saving for years, gained through a loan or acquired by selling an asset. This is why you shouldn’t venture into such an endeavor head first. With this in mind and without further ado, here are four simple tips that will help you get your online trading business off the ground while exposing you to as little risk as possible.

1.     Position or day trading

The first major choice you will have to make as a beginner online trader is the question of whether to become a position or day trader. The major difference here lies in the fact that day traders make massive decisions based on the daily fluctuations on the market, while position traders invest their money and wait for weeks or months in order to make a sale. Needless to say, while both of these styles are completely legitimate, for a beginner, day trading might be a better choice, seeing as how it gives more opportunities to learn right away.

2.     Trading and investing are not one and the same thing

Another thing that every ambitious trader needs to learn in time is that investing and trading are not one and the same thing. A lot of people may confuse position trading with investing but even here, there is a massive discrepancy in long-term expectations. You see, with investments, you want to create a passive stream of income, which is why most investors prefer to diversify their investments. On the other hand, online traders only pick those stocks, commodities and currencies they believe will become more valuable in the nearest future.

3.     The right digital tools can make all the difference

The next thing you should keep in mind is the fact that with the right digital tools on your side, you can make a huge difference. Nonetheless, this means that you have to look for the right online forex broker and a platform that is capable of providing several important features. Needless to say, your first priorities are some technical issues like latency and execution. After all, you don’t want to make the same purchase twice only because the platform lagged and failed to register your first order right away. Apart from this, you might want to look for a platform offering a demo trial, or at least one that has been covered by numerous reviews.

4.     Investing more than you’re willing to lose is bad practice

Finally, with the right attitude and a cunning use of stop-loss order, you can still make money even if most of your trades are unsuccessful. For this, you would have to set your stop-loss order low (under 1 or 2 percent of your total net worth) and your stop-gain at a decent percentage (6 percent is more than reasonable). While it may appear that setting these orders here may be a bit restricting, keep in mind that you’re not in this line of work for the thrill but for profits. This is also why you should never invest more than you’re willing to lose, hoping that you could get rich overnight.


At the end of the day, one of the reasons why online trading is so popular is due to the fact that it allows you to set the game on your own terms. Different styles, strategies and commodities customize your trading experience to the extent where you won’t even be able to recognize the game. So, by adhering to these four simple principles, you will be able to adjust the game to your own needs and habits. Keep in mind, however, that it’s your money that’s at stake, which is why safety should be your No. 1 concern.

Excellent Business Practice – Investing in Employees

Investing in EmployeesIn today’s economy climate, a smart business owner will do everything in his or her power to make the business run just a tad smoother and make just a bit more money. One of the most efficient ways to do this, and unfortunately one of the last that business owners think of, is investing in one’s employees.

Employees are the cornerstone of every business, no matter what kind of business it is and what size it is. A proficient and satisfied staff is one of those ingredients that you will see in every truly successful business. This is why investing in employees is something that every truly excellent business owner and/or manager will have in mind.

Be there for them

One of the easiest ways to invest in your employees is to invest your own time and expertise, i.e. to provide them with all the help they need and then some. You will most probably not be able to give lectures to your staff or to hold regular courses. However, from time to time, you can organize a meeting where you will provide them with your insight into your particular industry and your business.

Also, make sure that your employees understand that they can always approach you if they want to learn more or if they have questions about their job and about the business in general. This will encourage them to expand their skill set by learning from you.

Provide professional training

Quite often, business owners and managers hire people who may not have the background that a certain position might require in ideal circumstances or they might simply want their employees to become more proficient and educated. This is where various business courses can come in handy. Your employees will get to learn everything about the industry they are involved in, they will improve their business skills and thus become much more productive.

Of course, the expenses of this can sometimes be substantial but there are a few things that you can do to reduce those costs. For instance, you can approach another similar business and see if they would like to send their staff along with yours for joint education. This will cut your expenses in half. Or, you might check and see if perhaps the courses might be subsidized by the government, which can happen. Finally, you might want to delegate and send a few employees on a course and then they can share the knowledge with the rest of the colleagues.

Do not discard eLearning

Learning online is another way that you can invest in your employees. Internet courses and eLearning are usually more affordable than traditional professional training while providing the same education and skill improvement. If you choose to do this, you should keep in mind that you can easily make a mistake and end up with courses that are not approved and that are little more than a scam. If you want to be 100% sure you are making a sound investment, you can approach a company like Globality Consulting which will ensure that your education provider is checked and reputable.

Making your employees happy

In the end, however, investment in employees will not only be about boosting their skillsets and their knowledge; it will also be about making them happier and thus more productive. You can start employing smart managing techniques that will ensure your employees are content and productive. You should always ensure that the work environment is pleasant and that there are no conflicts among your employees.

Another way to invest in their happiness and productivity is to acknowledge and reward those that deserve it. When you notice that someone is doing a truly great job and that they are applying themselves completely to the task at hand, reward them with a nice bonus, or a few days off. It does not have to be anything lavish. It is more about making them feel appreciated.

In Conclusion

There is truly no reason why you would not consider some or all of these tips if you happen to be a business owner or a manager. The amount of time and money you will spend is nothing when compared to how much a well-educated and content staff will contribute to the business. It is pure common sense.

2015 Social Media Map: Tools with Links

social-media-map-customIt is amazing to see how social media has evolved in past 10 years. We can see an evolving social media landscape through Social Media Map which Overdrive interactive has recently updated, that index majority of social media tools. Their map is a valuable social media marketing resource, but I noticed that some very good tools are missing from their list, but it still acts as a quick cheat sheet for any social media marketer and especially who are new to this field.

Social media map lists majority of social media tools including social media websites, social media apps, social media tools and platforms. Anything which falls under social media solution in general, you will probably find it in this downloadable map with live links to those tools.

While you review this map, you will notice that it is a good example of content marketing strategy as well. Through their landing page, they are sharing valuable data in exchange of basic contact details. They are effortlessly generating database for their leads without even pitching for their services. I believe anyone who wants to download this map, will not mind sharing this information.

I have listed all the categories from the map with few popular tools with their links. You can view the full map below and also download the map with links from Social Media Map.


Social media and trade shows – a combination that works

Trade Show CrowdThere are plenty of marketing experts and bloggers who will have you believe that trade shows are all but dead and that it is a waste of money to put up an exhibition at your industry’s leading trade shows. They think it is an outdated practice and that a business has nothing to gain from it. In reality, however, trade shows are still very alive and businesses can gain a lot by exhibiting at such events.

However, this does not mean that it is not time to update the practices and start using the available technology to improve the exhibitions and to enhance the trade show experience. One of the ways in which you can easily do this is by using social media to make your trade show display more attractive and more effective in engaging potential customers as well as partners.

Prior to the trade show

Even before the trade show that you exhibit at begins, it is time to start using the social media. You need to decide what your trade show exhibit will concentrate on and what you will be doing at the trade show. You can then start flooding the social media with the news about the trade show, as well as about what you will be doing at this specific trade show.

Perhaps you will be giving out promotional material, perhaps you will come out with some great deals on your services and products, perhaps you have new products that you wish to introduce to your potential customers. In any case, it is absolutely essential that you let everyone know about it using social media. Twitter and Facebook are great for this as they are free and they can give you great exposure, especially if you network with the trade show organizers.

Another way to approach this is to talk to a consulting firm like Global Consulting which can help you come up with an online reputation approach which will be translated to your trade show efforts. This way you can really ensure that your pre-trade show social media efforts will be focused and effective.

During the trade show

Many trade show leaders and teams forget about social media once the actual trade show begins. This is a huge mistake. This is actually the perfect time to start going hard at the social media. For instance, you can Tweet that the next 20 people who visit your amazing exhibition displays will get something for free, or even a money reward. This will spread like wildfire and you will have people rushing to your stands.

You can also set up fancy new iPad displays where you can have your YouTube videos playing, telling people more about your company, your products and services. You can also instantly put up best photos from your booth on Facebook, for instance, and people can see them instantly. It is all about making people aware that you are exhibiting and that they will have great times at your booth.

After the trade show

Once the trade show is over, it is time to analyze your results and see what you might have done better. Do not be afraid to ask people outright what they thought about your display and your booth. Ask them if they thought perhaps that your competition did something better. Keep your ear to the ground and see what people are saying about the entire trade show and everyone who was involved.

You should also stay in contact with people who visited your trade show as a result of your social media efforts and turn them into your (un)willing brand ambassadors. Invite people to tag themselves in the photos from your booth, let them know that you are still there and that this is just the beginning of a beautiful friendship to quote Rick Blaine from Casablanca.

Closing word

Even though trade shows are considered a very traditional form of marketing and promoting a certain brand and a business, this does not mean that they cannot be combined with something as new and as fresh as social media. It is often that you will find the combination of old and new works great for brand promotion.

New Google Hummingbird Algorithm

google-hummingbird-mainOn September 27, Google’s official birthday, Google celebrated its 15th birthday by launching its new algorithm named Hummingbird, which stands for “precise and fast”. Google Hummingbird claims that Google search can be a more human way to interact with users and provide a more direct answer.

Google maintained a very low profile and have quietly deployed Google Hummingbird on August 30th, 2013 before making formal announcement.  Google senior vice president Amit Singhal said that this is the largest algorithm update in three years, the last update was three years before the “caffeine plan.”

Singhal said that the update can make use of more complex search requests and has a better understanding of the concept of human language, rather than a few scattered words. This new algorithm is a big step forward in the Internet history as searches will be more “human friendly” than ever.

In simple words, Google Hummingbird will make search so human that it will focus on the meaning behind the words and help Google go beyond just finding pages with matching words and return the results, which actually make more sense and connected with one’s search. Content creation and optimization continues to be as important as ever and the focus on quality is more important than ever.

google-panda-penguin-hummingbirdFor those who still wondering about Panda and Penguin and believe that Google hummingbird is just another algorithm change, then it is imperative that we understand that Penguin and Panda were just few updates and changes to the algorithm while Google Hummingbird is replacement of entire algorithm which will have old changes made for panda and penguin as well.


There are few tips, provided by experts to have benefits from Google hummingbird:

  • Create a strong social strategy to share your content and build authority links naturally
  • Focus on semantic analysis while researching keywords
  • Convey the message to site visitors in crisp and precise way
  • Optimize sites for mobile, which is one of the main sources of traffic now days
  • Manage your content based on the concept that Google Hummingbird is going beyond normal search and it is going behind the question or search criteria to fetch the results. There is no more keyword-matching concept. It is user intent and detailed information
  • Authorship and Structured Data are going to be more important going forward

Will it have any impact on number of site visitors? There is no way to know or measure it however there may be a possibility that you will notice a decline in visitor count due to Google hummingbird or changes which got implemented.

It is worth waiting and analysing the data to see how Google hummingbird influences our search engine optimizing efforts and processes. It is exciting to see how human friendly search works and how we are getting better results.

Sales consultants and Digital marketing experts at Globality consulting offers online reputation tips and helps business owners and organisations to make flexible and robust online promotion strategy with no cost. Get in touch with one of your consultant at for more details.

No Google Toolbar Page Rank Update

PageRankOctober started and yet we do not see any progress or major updates in Google Page ranks. It is more than 8 months now that there is no Toolbar PageRank (PR) update for websites from Google.  The last update that came was in early February.

The general behavior is that in every 3-4 months Google update their toolbar page rank. Below pattern shows regular updates along with one rare update for August and May.

  • February 2013
  • November 2012
  • August 2012
  • May 2012
  • February 2012
  • November 2011

Google_PR_updateIf we Google why Toolbar PR is not updating, we will see several stories. Few claims that Google has removed this concept and now there will not be any such update. Few shared that Google is planning something big and new update will change the way websites are getting Google PR. Most promising story was that Google is waiting to release the new and improved algorithm for Toolbar PR on September 26th, on Google’s birthday but that too has passed.

We will keep an eye on how thing moves, but it does raise a big Question for those who are crazy behind high Page rank. What they have lost in past 8 months due to no PR update and what is the main purpose of it?

Conversation Prism of Social Media

Social_MediaSocial media is like a magical box, which give you surprises every day. I recently came across a visual map of its landscape that I believe is popular as Conversation prism of Social Media by Brian Solis and JESS3.

Based on the information given on their website, they claim that how digital ethnography tracks dominant and promising social networks across the globe and organizes them by how they are used in everyday life.  It helps digital managers like us to show our executive teams that social media is not a fad and that it is bigger than Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest.


It will be very interesting to find out how it has helped the users. If you have every used it, we would love to hear your experience.

Sales consultants and Digital marketing experts at Globality consulting offers online reputation tips and helps business owners and organisations to make flexible and robust online promotion strategy with no cost. Get in touch with one of your consultant at for more details.

Blog Tips – Successful Guest Blogging

Guest PostGuest blogging is one of the most effective ways of promoting your websites, build back links, get new readers and eventually drive sales.  Unbelievably, for several businesses owner’s successful Guest blogging is one of the main ways to get leads after SEO and other lead generation tactics. Guest blogging became so important that blog owners are getting flooded with guest post requests.

From our own experience, we can relate the importance of guest blogging and how many requests blog owners will get. Our blog on is relatively new (but well promoted) and within few months we have more than 50 requests for guest post submission.  Unfortunately, we were not able to accept any of them due to several reasons, which we will cover in our current blog.

Hey there,

We have been reading the articles on ur website and are very impressive with quality of information.

We have a team of copywriters who specialized in writing articles on such topics and would like to write an original article for you to use on your website – this article will not be used anywhere else on any Internet.

In exchange all we ask is that we can have one or two links within the body of the article back to one of our internet sites.

If are very interested in having us write article of your website please just let me know and we could be more than happy to one written for you within a weeks. Also let me know if you have more blogs for Guest Posting.


Above is an example of one of the few emails we got and we had just marked it as spam. The reasons, which we reject such emails are:

1) No personalisation of email
2) I am sure they did not even saw my blog and topic I cover
3) Didn’t tell me which topic they are going to write
4) Funny English and bad grammar
5) Didn’t tell me anything about my benefits

As a blogger, we ought to understand how important it is that our blog is recognized and we get valuable readership. Whether we are inviting guest blogger to write on your blogs or blogging as a guest, we need to follow few guidelines instead of plainly marketing the name.

Here are few tips, which can do wonders.

1) Guest Blog Post must be between 500 and 1000 wordsblog post
2) Guest Blog Post must either be completely original and not previously published
3) Guest Blog Post must not be an advertisement for your products or services or the equivalent to a sponsored post. It should provide valuable information to readers
4) Limit yourself to include up to one link per Guest Blog Post. You can point that to either your blog or website or any social media profile
5) Guest blog post must align to the business and topics of respective blog owner
6) Guest Blog post must have proper grammar, punctuation and spellings.

In order to leverage power of guest posts as a marketing channel, we need to avoid mistakes which we pointed in email and stick to the guidelines shared above. Guest blog posts can only help you if you are consistent in writing new blogs, coming up with new and interesting topics, updating the trends or tips of any previously written topic, you are yourself promoting your posts as well.  Whether you are inviting guest posts or becoming a guest blogger above tips are must to follow for quick and favorable response.

Remember, there will not be ably miracles if you only get one or two guest blog posts published.  You are required to post on consistent basis or at least get 50-60 guest posts in short time.

SEO Trend and SEO Strategy in 2013

Social_Media_PromotionWhen it comes to SEO and Online promotion, there is a very thin line of difference between your business being found on net and business being noticed on net.  Objective of good SEO strategy is to make sure your efforts fall in later category so that your presence stands out of the crowd. Google and other major search engines keep changing their algorithms hence your strategy needs to be robust, flexible and in accord with latest SEO trends.

Year 2013 is halfway completed and webmasters across the globe got learning experience from recent changes in Google algorithm.  We have seen how quickly websites lost their online reputation, visibility over major search engines etc. due to their bad SEO strategy and hunger for aggressive promotion.

It is essential to understand that SEO is not an overnight process and results are not visible on a go. Traditional SEO strategy is no longer the only way of stabilizing an online reputation and should include Social SEO.  SEO strategy should be the integration of great and fresh content, credible links, social media activities etc. so that there is a value addition to the visitor/reader and thus build your credibility. This hybrid strategy will improve the visibility of your website in a search engine’s results page (SERP) when someone searches about your keywords related to your work.

We all are very much aware of traditional ways of SEO, which includes below mentioned activities:

  1. Keyword research
  2. Keyword  structuring
  3. Content Optimization
  4. User Experience
  5. Updated blogs
  6. Website design and structure
  7. Link building
  8. Blog postings
  9. Press Release
  10. Article Submission etc.

My current blog will focus more on latest SEO trend in 2013, which is a hybrid model of traditional SEO and social SEO methods. Social SEO means, promoting your brand with social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Social book marketing etc. As per Digital Marketing experts, there are several advantages of social media promotion:

  1. Your content get indexed faster in search engines via Social media
  2. More likes, shared, tweets, re-tweets etc. build search engine confidence in your content and give them a reason to believe that your content is interesting, which helps in boost in rankings
  3. Helps in increasing your domain authority and the number of inbound links to your website

SEO_Google_TrendsIn order to get most out of your social media strategy, you would like to cover few of the below tips:

  1. Remain active on Social media channels, exchange thoughts and interact with visitors, connections, followers and fans
  2. Share more and more content and interesting information which user would like to speak about
  3. Share about you on Pinterest, stumbleupon etc. They are one of the best link-building tools, improving your visibility, driving traffic.  You can add relevant comments, description about your business and let it go on net for getting it viral
  4. Build your Facebook business page and get more likes, shared about your business
  5. Use twitter to post updates about your work, latest news etc.
  6. Create Google+ page, it is very important for SEO purpose for a single reason that Google has special role for it in its search algorithms and you would not want to miss this simple way of getting better ranking. It got more weight than Twitter, Facebook etc.
  7. Finally yet importantly, make sure that your social media profiles do not have any field blank. Always fill ‘About’ or ‘Information’ sections of any social media platform. Link your profiles with your other social media profiles. Add keywords, relevant information about your business in description

The most important tip for Social media promotion is to understand that your activities should not be one-way activities, means you should not restrict yourself for promoting your own activities. It is a sharing platform and you can only get better and fruitful response if you share, likes and discuss about other relevant business as well.

If you can adept to these SEO trends, tips, make sure your content is easily sharable via different freely available plugins etc. you can easily boost your online reputation and visibility in search engines.  It is imperative that your online promotion experts understand the trends and make flexible strategies.

Sales consultants and Digital marketing experts at Globality consulting offers online reputation tips and helps business owners and organisations to make flexible and robust online promotion strategy with no cost. Get in touch with one of your consultant at for more details.

How to Make Money with Your Website and Blog

make-money-onlineThere are uncounted numbers of the websites, articles, blogs and online tools on internet claiming to help you to make money with your websites or blogs through few easy steps.  It’s a general believe or I should say a myth between many internet users that it’s very easy to earn thousands by just few clicks, taking surveys or by having an online presence via website, blog etc. 

This myth has led many online frauds and instead of making any penny out of it loads of collegeMake-Money-Online-Website going students and quick money seekers have lost their savings.  Being human, it is natural that we are attractive to such moneymaking schemes. However, we need to remember that no one will just give us the money. Making money online needs your time and efforts.

My current article focuses on how to help us earn money legitimately through internet without losing money on any fraud schemes. Making money through internet is easy, however it is a time consuming process. If you have a website or you write blogs you can easily monetize your online presence BUT only if your work attracts traffic and visitors. It is all about how you attract visitors to your website/blog through your content.

The tools covered in this article, are well-known, proven and reliable ways of making money with your website or blogs. Enjoy these super methods as per your needs!

Affiliate Marketing:
This is one of the most popular and promising way to make lot of money online. It is a performanceAffiliate_Marketing based marketing where any merchant such as Amazon or eBay etc. that is willing to let you sell their products on basis of commissions. Your website or blog will display their product details in the form of banners or Ads and every visitor who click and reach to their portal will become their potential customer.  Few popular affiliate marketplaces are:

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising:
Most popular and known method is Google Adsense. All it requires is adding small code to your website or blog to enable the Ads on it. You can easily control the type of Ads you want to show, filter them based on categories, locations etc.

Once Ads is ON, entire process is automatic and every click on it by your visitors will make you earn money out of it.  Key for success here is your content and offerings, which will bring more traffic to your site. More visitors will increase your chances of your making money.

Other popular online advertising tools are:

Impression Advertising:
Another simple way of earning money and it behaves very much as PPC methods with a difference that it is not required for your visitor to Click on the Ads. This concept is also known as CPM (Cost per Mile) and all you need to do is display the Ad and money rolls in based on page views yourImpression_CPI blog attracts.  This concept can do wonders for those who have higher page views and visitor ratio, for e.g. online magazines, entertainment related blogs etc.

It requires you to think from businessperson perspective while placing the Ads. If you are a businessperson, you will prefer to pay someone who can promote your business by giving you a priority and high visibility within his or her network. Same goes with blog, better placement and visibility of Ad will increase the chance of earning money.  Few of the popular CPM methods are:

Email List Building:
This is the most powerful approach in marking regular and big income. All you need to do is have aemail_marketing subscription button on your blog and start saving the list. In order to build a genuine email marketing list it is advisable to let user know why and for what purpose you are asking them to subscribe. Whether they are comfortable in if, you contact them for offers from relevant companies etc. You can then filter the list accordingly and run the email marketing campaign with relevant offers so that you get more visitors.

You can also use the same list for sharing any other valuable offer with your subscribers as a part of affiliate marketing and increase your income.

Widget Magic:
Internet is making life easy for the users via Widgets. All you need to do is plug & play the service on the blog or website. Several widgets can help you in monetizing your website for e.g.  SmartLinks etc.

This is another way of making money with your website.  It is only recommendable to use this button on your website if you are offering a great piece of information, catering niche, adding value to community, sharing knowledge and allowing readers to gain real value from your content.   The best example to see how it works is to visit Wikipedia where if you like the content or information you can send the donation.

Paid Surveys and Reviews:questionnaire and computer mouse
Many companies in market are ready to pay you money to run a survey or Poll on your website to collect reviews about their product.  All you need to do is signup, select the relevant poll for your website and let the money rolls in.  You can also connect with any company directly who might not be aware of such promotion ways and can make good income.

Banner Advertising:
If big audience follows you, your website attracts loads of visitors and you got an advertising space on your website or blog, this option is best suited for you.  Banner advertising is one of the highest earning methods wherein once you qualified you can earn commission free direct earning.

Job Boards:
It is one of the “In Demand” ways of making money or monetizing your website.  Create a Job forum on your site where people can post the jobs and readers can apply for them. Its success and profitability depends on how you manage the job posts, allow user to interact etc.  ReadWriteWeb, Problogger etc. are best examples for it.

Make Money Key on Computer KeyboardThere are several other methods, which we can use to make money with our website. As I mentioned above, it is a long-term process. The profitability of your efforts will depend on how much traffic you can manage to bring to your website or blog. Content plays a crucial role in your efforts.  Visitors should find your content as informative and interactive else, they will not spend much time on website and notice your teasers from which you will make money online with your website.