Why and How to Hire the Right Independent Financial Advisor for your SMB

Like we mentioned on a few occasions, running a small-to-medium business is a 24/7 kind of a job. It more or less becomes your life and there are innumerable things to keep in mind and juggle around. Of course, a huge part of it all will be your company’s finances. This will entail wages, income vs. expenses, retirement plans, contract negotiations, negotiations with suppliers, tax and insurance paperwork and so much more. Read More

Law Books

Finding the Right Lawyer for your Business Needs

In a perfect world, a business owner would never need the services of a legal professional, i.e. a lawyer. Unfortunately, we live in a world where legal obstacles and obligations are all around us. Moreover, legal troubles can lead to spectacularly detrimental effects on one’s business. Because of this, it is absolutely crucial to have someone to rely on, a bit of legal help from people who know what they are talking about. Read More


How Outsourcing Helps Businesses Enter New Markets

The ultimate goal of every business is (or at least in theory it is) to grow as much as possible, to expand its operation and to make as much money as possible. We are almost ashamed to put things this bluntly, but that is the reality. In order to truly expand, companies often have to enter new markets; sometimes close to them and sometimes half way across the world. This is not an easy task and outsourcing can actually be a great ally in penetrating these new markets. Read More


Why All Serious Businesses Have an App (and why You Need One)

Look down at your phone. How many apps do you have on it? How many of those apps belong to large corporations? How many apps do you have on your phone that were launched by smaller, local businesses? In many parts of the world, it is not at all surprising to feature a whole bunch of small business apps on one’s phone. The reason why this is so is that business owners are becoming more and more aware of the fact that an app can do wonders for their brand and the overall success of their business. Read More


Why It is a Good Idea to Outsource your SEO Efforts

Whether you like it or not, the internet revolves around search engines today, or more precisely, around Google. Vast majority of users only visit websites that they find on Google and this is even more true for businesses and other commercial websites. They are rarely found in any other way and if you want your business website to become popular and lucrative, it needs to rank high for certain searches on Google (and other search engines, to a lesser degree). Read More

Business Analytics – Outsourcing or Purchasing Software?

Analytics have been part of the world of business since the concept of business first emerged as our species developed. It might have not been called analytics, but people who did business have always analyzed different ins and outs, their position, the people they are dealing with and so on. If not for analytics, business would not exist. It would be gambling. Read More