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Top 5 Traditional Marketing Techniques that Are Still in Use

No matter the marketing guide you decide to check out in 2018, chances are that you will encounter terms like influencer marketing, VR and AR marketing, as well as more than a few digital marketing terms. Of course, we are living in the digital world and these trends do more than bring positive ROI, but, what about the traditional marketing? Did it suddenly become obsolete once all of these new trends emerged and got empowered? Of course not. Here are top five traditional marketing techniques that will still be in use in 2018.


  1. Face-to-face meetings

In the age of IMs, conference calls and emails, why would anyone ever meet in person, right? Well, when it comes to the B2B outreach, scheduling a face-to-face meeting with your potential business partners can have a massive impact on your trust-building efforts. Furthermore, taking up some of your valuable time to check in on your clients in person may make a huge difference in the way in which they perceive your commitment to them.

  1. Telemarketing

Another powerful B2B tool is telemarketing. You see, the email you’ve sent to your clients might have been a template you’ve used a thousand times, or something quickly drafted by a person at an entry-level-job within your organization. On the other hand, a well-structured telemarketing call, consisting of effective questioning, efforts to get the next step commitment and even scheduling the call appropriately can make all the difference in your brand’s public image.

  1. Promotional material

When doing a research about content marketing, one of the first tips that you will receive is that you need to make content that brings value to your audience. Now, this isn’t as nearly as difficult as it sounds but it is definitely something that is achievable more easily with promotional material. By giving someone a promotional hat, an umbrella or a t-shirt, you are actually giving them something practical, something that they’re actually going to use. Furthermore, by ordering large quantities of promotional material, like going with bulk t-shirt printing, you will get a surprisingly great ROI.

  1. Handwritten notes

The thing about marketing is that it doesn’t end once a person closes a deal or buys something from you. Why would it? About 27 percent of people who purchase from you have a chance of coming back, while people who purchase something twice have a 45 percent of chance of returning for the third time. In other words, by finding the right tool to engage them in this post-sale segment of the buying cycle, you can easily transform them into return customers. Handwritten notes are a more efficient, more personal version of an email that can do wonders in this field.

  1. Old-fashioned networking

Finally, going to industry events and just mingling with your peers is a great way to establish personal contacts which could, in time, grow into partnerships. Sometimes, even people who may appear to be your direct competitors end up being your closest allies. For instance, a large company with a workload that their infrastructure can’t support is more likely to redirect their clients than just drive them away. By nurturing great relations with their management, you are increasing the chance of that excess work being sent your way.


At the end of the day, the fact that these five techniques are still in use and that they are as effective as ever doesn’t mean that you should use them instead of digital marketing. This kind of false presumption is what leads to 50 percent of small business not having a website even in this day and age. What this means is that you shouldn’t write them off as obsolete just yet. On the other hand, by combining them with digital marketing you can perhaps get the best of both worlds.

Did Digital Kill the Traditional Marketing

The omnipresence of internet has sparked a lot of debates about the traditional media, making us wonder: Are the newspaper dead? Is there no more need for the printed books? And finally, did digital marketing defeat the traditional forms of advertising? It makes sense, advertising your product on the web is free or costs next to nothing and it gives you a chance to have a more personalized approach to marketing. However, that doesn’t have to mean that the old-school marketing doesn’t have anything to offer any more. In this article, we will try to determine the difference between the two, the benefits of each of them, and the possibilities of combining the two.

What is traditional marketing?

There are many methods of traditional marketing, and they include tangible advertisements, such as posters, brochures, flyers, business cards and print ads in magazines and newspaper. Commercials on radio and TV are also considered a form of traditional marketing. Additionally, promotional products, referrals, and reward programs can also be classified into this group.

What is digital marketing?

It is difficult to precisely define digital marketing since it grows and develops each day with the advancements of technology. Some examples of this new way of marketing are social media mentions (page, posts, games, etc.), websites, YouTube videos, blogging, as well as search engine optimization and banner ads. Digital marketing is currently more popular because it requires fewer investments.

The good sides of the old-school

Traditional marketing is still something that people are accustomed to, and that’s why they can easily understand and relate to it. This old-school marketing method enables businesses to reach a local audience with ease. Besides, the promotional materials can be kept for future reference, so you don’t have to google for company info every time you want to make a call.

The bad sides of the old-school

One of the primary flaws of the traditional marketing is that there is not enough interaction between the customers and the used medium. The medium is used merely to provide information without asking for feedback. Also, as we have already mentioned, these marketing materials can be very costly. And finally, it is very difficult, not to say virtually impossible, to measure the results of a marketing strategy which employs traditional marketing approach.

The good sides of the new kid in the block

Digital marketing allows you to target an international audience, as well as to tailor your campaign to specific properties, such as age, gender, location and interest. The audience has a say in receiving the product and they can also provide a meaningful feedback. It is cost-effective and the competition is less relentless. Above all, the results are immediately measurable.

The bad sides of the new kid in the block

Even though it seems like a DIY arena, digital marketing can fool you into thinking you can do everything on your own. However, given that online marketing includes a multitude of fields and potential strategies, that is virtually impossible. Fortunately, there are plenty of experienced expert companies, such as The Pipeline, to which you can outsource your marketing sector, at least until you get the hang of it.

Can they work together

In spite of being completely different, you shouldn’t be exclusive when it comes to these two methods of marketing; rather, always try to combine them. Since this is a mostly digital-based world, it makes sense to invest more in an online marketing campaign and use hard copy materials to support your online efforts or reach an audience which is not very tech-savvy (e.g. senior citizens). Also, there is one twist on the traditional marketing which rose in the ‘80s, but reached its true potential only today, and that is guerrilla marketing. Some of the biggest successes include UNICEF’s “Be a mom for a moment” campaign, IKEA’s “Everyday Fabulous” and The Sopranos taxi stunt.

There is no doubt that the world is changing and that we need to try to catch up. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we will renounce everything we are used to. We don’t have to abandon the principles from the past, they just need to evolve and be complemented with innovative methods.

What a Good Marketing Agency can Do For You

Global BusinessThere is a perpetual debate being waged about whether companies should implement marketing departments of their own or should they outsource their marketing to outside partners, i.e. marketing agencies. In many cases, it comes down to money, but sometimes other factors play a more important role.

Today, we will be looking at those factors and try to find out what a good marketing agency can do for you and your company should you decide to use an outside partner.

Years of Expertise

Any renowned marketing agency will boast a staff filled with people who have spent years in marketing and who have actually had marketing education. In the world of digital marketing gurus and other charlatans, this is a huge thing as these people will actually know what they are doing. They will know how to identify your needs and the best way to fulfill those needs in the most cost-effective way possible. This is what decades of joint experience bring to the table and it is definitely not something you should ignore.

Latest Technology

Marketing has become technology-driven and it is safe to say that most companies do not have the resources to supply their limited marketing teams with all the new technology. When you go outside for a marketing partner, you know that you will be getting services enabled by the latest technology – from content producing equipment to the latest in data analysis software and beyond. With this latest technology, your outsourced marketing partner will be able to set you apart from the competition which is what marketing is all about when you get down to it.

So Many Ideas

Marketing agencies thrive on ideas and they employ people just for the purpose of having ideas. Unless you run a massive corporation with huge marketing teams, your marketing department will be limited and its members will sooner or later start to think alike. Marketing agencies are set up in a way to avoid this and to provide a constant stream of ideas and innovation. As a result of this, your marketing efforts will stand out in the crowd and your message will never get stale.

Crucial Tweaks

Marketing is a fluid concept and once you settle on a strategy, it is not set in stone. It has to be revisited on a daily basis and it needs to be tweaked along the way. In-house marketing departments often neglect this aspect of their work for a number of reasons – limited resources and vanity being the primary ones. When you hire a marketing agency, you can rest assured they will be adjusting your campaigns regularly so that you get the best possible results.

Abundance of Data

One of the most difficult aspects of marketing to master is data and data analysis. This is often considered the hard science part of marketing and many in-house marketing teams lack the expertise in this particular field. Sure, they know how to recognize when a campaign is not working out, but they lack the advanced knowledge and actual data to make models that will predict future outcomes and that will more precisely identify what works and what doesn’t. Professional marketing agencies operate with all the data you can ever need and they know how to present it to you in a way that will help you make smart decisions down the road.

In the end, it is all about being able to make truly informed decisions that will benefit your company. A good marketing agency can do that for you.

Outsourcing and Your Ecommerce Company – How to Do It

One of the most common business ideas these days is running an eCommerce company – an online store that exists only on the web. It can be a fantastic way to make a living if you know a market that still has a need for a new online store and if you know how to put everything together so that you can sell your products at a profit.

As you might imagine, this is where outsourcing can be of immense help. In fact, the vast majority of ecommerce stores are built on outsourcing various aspects of their organization and today, we will be talking about the most common parts of the ecommerce experience that business owners outsource.


In the vast majority of cases, ecommerce companies will outsource their logistics. In fact, there are only a handful of ecommerce companies that do their logistics themselves and these are the world’s largest ecommerce companies such as Amazon, for example. For everyone else, it comes down to third-party logistics companies, also known as 3PL.

This way, you are outsourcing your warehousing, your transport and your deliveries. This both ensures that you get professionals taking care of your stock at all times and also that you will not be spending all of your money on your own warehouses, trucks and delivery people.

Simply put, not outsourcing your logistics makes no sense in the ecommerce arena.

Well, unless you are Amazon with your robotic warehouses and whatnot.


Since an eCommerce company will exist almost entirely online, it goes without saying that IT and everything that goes with it will be the majority of the operation. Some eCommerce owners decide to outsource one part of it while others let their outsourced partners handle the most of it.

For example, there are people who decide on Shopify’s domain registration, hosting and the basic package and then they hire someone to upgrade their solutions so that their shop does not look like just another Shopify store (not that there is anything wrong with them).

Other people go to web design companies and they have their store developed from scratch. Sometimes, ecommerce websites grow so quickly that the owner has to hire someone to handle the maintenance.

There are innumerable variants to this, and when ecommerce owners decide to outsource their IT, they need to ensure they are hiring the right people. This is where Globality Consulting and companies like that come in.

Customer Service

For people who are not really familiar with how ecommerce stores work, it may seem that they can operate without any customer service people. The customers just click on what they wish to buy, this is recorded and the delivery is made, right? Couldn’t be any simpler?

In reality, however, there is as much need for customer service in ecommerce stores as there is in traditional, brick and mortar ones. People have questions about products and since they cannot hold them in their hand, they have even more questions. On top of this, many shoppers do their purchasing outside of regular work hours and it is not like you can hang a sign Sorry, we’re closed on your website.

This is why a very large number of ecommerce companies outsource at least one part of their customer service experience, the live one. It is quite difficult to organize three 8-hour shifts if you are not exactly teaming with a budget for such serious customer service.


Ecommerce takes a lot of marketing to work. You start with nothing but a website. No one knows anything about it. No one knows it exists.

You have to change that.

For most ecommerce owners, marketing is not a strength and they often find it much simpler to outsource marketing to an outside agency that will know exactly how to get an ecommerce website visible and attracting customers.

Once again, when hiring outsourced marketers, it is important to know how to recognize those that will do your website justice and deliver the results.

Closing Word

All in all, eCommerce involves quite a bit of outsourcing and it is essential you find reputable partners you can rely on. Read a few more articles on the Globality Consulting blog and pick up a few tricks.

Outsourcing and Other Tricks SMBs Can Use To Get Ahead

The ultimate goal of every small business (or in fact, any business regardless of its size) is to get ahead of the competition, grow and increase its revenue. Often times, it is enough for a company to stick to the tried and true tenets of doing good business, but often times, there is need for those little tricks other SMB owners do not think of. Today, we will be talking about these little tricks and how they can do wonders for a smartly run small business.

Use Outsourcing

Outsourcing is one of the smartest things small business owners can do and this is especially true for certain aspects of running their company. For example, you should definitely outsource your IT department since you will probably have no need for an in-house IT team that will cost an arm and a leg and that you will use every two weeks. You might also consider an outsourced customer support and telemarketing teams where you will be saving money and reaping the benefits of companies with decades of experience.

Debt Recovery When Needed

One of the worst things that can happen to your SMB is that you have people and companies that owe you money for services rendered and that are always coming up with new ways and legal reasons not to pay up. For larger companies, this is not such a big problem because they have more revenue streams and they can afford if someone is late with their payment. For smaller companies, this is just not possible. This is why experts from a debt recovery company from Perth always recommend their SMB clients to pursue their debtors immediately. This way, you will always have the cash flow needed for your company to operate.

Reducing Employee Turnover

Many SMB owners believe that employee turnover is simply a reality of running a small business. They think that they cannot keep their employees no matter what they do and that they will go to bigger employers if given a chance. This is not true. You can keep your employees and stop bleeding money by having to replace them. For one, you need to pay them what they are worth and you need to make sure you provide as many benefits for them as you can. Also, they need to know they are being appreciated and that their opinions matter. Treat your employees right and they will pay you back, manifold while your competitors will be scrambling for new people every few months.

Base Your Marketing On Numbers

Often, when you run a small business, marketing sort of gets lost in the shuffle and you figure that anything is better than nothing. You set aside some money to boost your visibility and you sort of forget about it. As long as you are surviving, it works, right? Wrong. Your marketing efforts need to show just as much factual results as anything else. If you cannot see the palpable, real-world benefits of a certain marketing campaign, then it is not worth the investment. It is especially important to keep track of your online marketing success rate because you can easily fool yourself into thinking that a hundred more social media followers means result. It doesn’t.

Remove Guesswork

There is a reason huge corporations spend millions every year on business analytics and entire teams of analysts that predict how the market will move and what the company should do. This way, they base their decisions on data and analytics models instead of on guesswork. This way, they are dramatically increasing their chances of making the right decisions. The good news is that SMBs can nowadays utilize data and analytics thanks to various SaaS providers and pieces of software that can provide some truly fantastic insights to act on. This is the 21st century and the sooner you get your SMB into it, the better you will be off.

The Resurgence of Telemarketing and How to Outsource It

In the last 10 years or so (with the emphasis on the last few), people have gone absolutely crazy for everything digital and everything that happens online. Marketing people, sales people, even the decision-makers; everyone has been totally in love with digital and web-based.

A few years later and they are slowly beginning to realize that not everything digital is the best thing ever and also that not everything offline and traditional is bad for business.

One of the marketing tactics that is really making a big comeback is telemarketing. Good old-fashioned practice of picking up the phone and telling people about your services or products.

Why Telemarketing is Back?

There is no one reason why telemarketing is making a bona fide comeback. Instead, it is a combination of reasons, all of them making telemarketing interesting and attractive once again.

For one, marketers are pretty much disappointed by the majority of online marketing techniques. They are fun and they do show promise, but when it comes to the bottom line and actual conversions, much of them have been shown to be all but completely ineffective. Companies have started realizing that and putting more emphasis on actual results.

It should also be pointed out that with so many people doing social media marketing and SEO, it has become much more difficult to make an impact, especially if you are a newcomer to the party.

Another reason that telemarketing is making a return is that it has become more intelligent and personalized, especially in the B2B arena where it is possible to tailor the calls to specific decision-makers and where it is possible to use advanced tactics like appointment setting. Of course, as we are warned by a lead generation company from Melbourne, you need to know who to hire for these advanced tactics.

More than anything else, however, telemarketing still provides that person-to-person interaction that people are craving in an increasingly disconnected world. If done right, telemarketing can put a human face to your operation.

How to Do It Right?

Telemarketing is something that the vast majority of companies in the world will not even attempt to do themselves. It requires an entire department and plenty of people to do it the right way. Sure, smaller telemarketing campaigns can be done in-house, but for the most part, you will be outsourcing it.

Therefore, doing your telemarketing properly comes down to finding the right people.

Perhaps the easiest way to go about this is to contact someone like Globality Consulting who will have all the right contacts and put you in touch with the right people for your telemarketing needs. If you wish, you can do this yourself and if you choose to do so, there are a few things you need to consider.

For one, you will want to work with a company that has been around for a long time. Telemarketing companies pop out around the world like mushrooms after rain and you need to make sure that the people you work with will have standardized practices in place, skilled people and great management.

In addition to this, you will want to know that their past work involved businesses like yours. They will all tell you that they have worked with great success in your industry, but when you ask them for references, some of them will start evading your questions and actually providing you with references. Avoid such companies. You need someone who can prove their experience and expertise.

Of course, you will also want to be smart about getting into a contract with your new telemarketing partners. You should never sign long-term contracts that will lock you in for extended periods of time, making any adjustments very complicated and costly.

Once you find your new telemarketing partners, it is absolutely crucial that you consider it an ongoing relationship which requires your attention. Set regular dates at which you will review the services your suppliers provide. If you are not sure you are getting the service you were promised, talk to your telemarketing people and tell them that you think they are not delivering. If they are doing a good job, tell them this as well.

Closing Word

Telemarketing is back and it can do wonders for your company. In order to reap all the benefits, however, you will need to have just the right partner, so choose carefully.

Tasks Your Business Can and Should Outsource

Tasks Your Business Can and Should OutsourceWhen we talked about outsourcing in the past, we mostly investigated ways in which small and medium businesses can outsource entire departments and parts of their business. Today, we will be doing something completely different. Namely, we will be looking at “quick” jobs and tasks that business owners can and should outsource in order to conserve their resources (mostly time) and achieve the best possible results.

Marketing Campaigns

Before we start talking about this, we need to make a distinction between hiring a marketing agency to do your marketing on continuous basis and having someone do a one-off marketing campaign for you. Whatever you choice may be, it would be a good idea to approach outside professionals to do this. Whipping up an advertisement or a funny quip to promote your business may seem like a simple thing to do, but it is not. You need someone from outside to do this for you.


Businesses need stuff written. These can be advertisements that always come out clumsy and boring when written in-house or website content that may end up looking as if written by someone with very poor control over English language (or any other language, for that matter). The good news is that there are people out there called copywriters who earn a living by doing exactly that- writing. They are professionals who know how to adjust their tone and phrasing so that it fits your business and your industry.

Social Media Efforts

Social media is becoming huge in the world of business and many experts claim that it is one of the most important new venues for business owners to explore. Unfortunately, no serious business owner has the time to spend hours daily on Facebook or Twitter. There are people who do. In fact, there are people who specialize in this and who know exactly how to use social media to spread word about your business and what you do.

Promo Material

Every now and then, your business might need some promo material. It can be a portfolio of your company, with professional photos and great writing. We have already covered writing in the copywriting paragraph and it is now time to take care of your video content. It should always be outsourced. There is nothing worse for your brand image than to have ‘Suzy from sales’ take company photos on her 3-year old phone or have Bob from accounting do a promo video for the company which will be used at the next trade show. Hire pros. They will make your company look ten times bigger and a hundred times more serious.

Market Research

Every serious business will need to do market research sooner or later. You need to identify the possibilities, the opportunities and ways in which your business can and should approach a certain market. Doing market research is a complex job that requires a lot of time and even more expertise. For instance, doing paid surveys which will help you find out the opinion of your target market. It may sound simple, but it is not. This is why it is best to approach professionals to do this for you. You can also learn plenty on websites like ProOpinion where experts share their views.

Data Entry

Many business have periods in the year when they have to put in a ton of data into their system and this is a task that can take a lot of time. A lot. Having your own employees do it, or, god forbid doing it yourself is a giant waste of man hours. This is why you should always go outside for your data entry. It is not a service that will cost you an arm and a leg and there is really no need to do your data entry yourself.

Like always, you will want to know that you are spending your money wisely and on services that will help you. In order to do this, you need to find just the right professionals. If you are not sure how to approach this, hiring someone like Globality Consulting might be the best thing you can do for your outsourcing needs.

Why Marketing Outsourcing Makes Sense

It may not look that way, but sooner or later, every business will need some marketing to continue (start) growing. Even if it is something as “tiny and insignificant” as a local fast food restaurant, some marketing will come in handy. It can be something as natural as word of mouth which spreads around town or it can be a gigantic marketing campaign that will require millions.

A question that business owners will need to answer, therefore, is not whether they need to do marketing, but how to do it. Can they “save” money by doing it all on their own or should they go straight to professionals and, in a way, outsource their marketing efforts?

From the title of the article, you can probably deduce that we are of the opinion that marketing should be left to professionals. Of course, we are not expecting you to take our word for it and we will try and give you as many reasons as possible for marketing outsourcing.

The Skills

There is this view that some (many) people hold that marketing is not too complicated and that all it takes is a single idea to make it all work. Even if this was true (which it isn’t), coming up with a fantastic marketing idea is not something that everyone can do, even though many among us believe they can.

In reality, it takes much more than just an idea to do a stellar marketing campaign. An idea needs to be analyzed; it needs to be dissected and viewed from innumerable angles. This is something most business owners do not know how to do, simply because they have no education and experience at this. There are reasons why people go to marketing schools. There is a lot to be learned.

And this is not even taking into consideration the more “technical” aspects of marketing as an industry. Trust us, there are a lot of these and they all require marketing professionals to work on them. We are talking market research, implementation processes and result analysis, just to name a few. Without being able to do all of this, putting a great idea to work is near impossible.

The Infrastructure

When we are talking about infrastructure, we are talking about the tools and the experts that are at the disposal of the marketing agency you hired. These are essential for launching and maintaining a successful marketing campaign and without them, the realization step will fail and ruin any great idea that you might have.

For instance, if your new marketing campaign is supposed to feature a billboard or two around the town, your marketing agency will know who to contact and where to look in order to provide you with the best billboards you can imagine. They will know who to approach in order to do a short radio add for your business. If they think your business might benefit from business promo items, they will know who to turn to in order to have them made.

The “infrastructure” is not only important when dealing with the creative part of your new marketing campaign. It also shows its strengths when dealing with the more “business” parts of it. For instance, a marketing agency will be able to analyze and show you how the campaign is working. They will know when it might be time to stop and try something else. There are myriad facts and factors they will keep in mind because they have the means and the tools to do it.

Money and Time

You will be paying for your marketing efforts when you outsource, there is no debate about that. A marketing campaign will cost you and there are no two ways about this. However, it is important to remember that there are plenty of marketing agencies out here that specialize in helping small-to-medium business owners promote their brand.

With a bit of help of someone like Globality Consulting, you should have no troubles finding someone perfect to help you with your marketing needs and provide you with most bang for your buck, so to say.

On the other hand, by employing a marketing agency and outsourcing your marketing efforts, besides getting the best possible results, you will also be saving a ton of time you would need to spend on doing marketing on your own. This time can be much better spent taking care of other aspects of your business, we are sure you will agree.


Corporate Videos and Social Networks

Video production
Corporate videos and social networks work together to make businesses successful. When videos become viral, a business is exposed to people around the world, which in turn brings more buyers, clients and customers.

A corporate video promotes a product or service by concentrating on making the video interesting to a wide audience. Viewers do not tend to click on or watch a boring video that compares different brands. They are more interested in listening to and watching a compelling narrative. Once you create such a video, your product can be mentioned at the end of it.

Grab the Viewer’s Attention

It is necessary to capture the attention of the viewer during the first five seconds of the video. The attention grabber can be created using music, dramatic introductions or other action scenes. Once you have caught the viewer’s attention, you will want to keep them interested. The video will need to create an emotional engagement by making them cry, laugh or even smile. Without the emotional engagement, the audience may become bored with the video before they watch it to the end.

Engage the Audience and Motivate them to Share

A corporate video that engages the audience will be one that people will want to share on social networks. These videos will be seen around the world by many people. Therefore, social networks are important for video marketing since more people can hear about the company’s services or products. This video with Van Damme by Volvo trucks is a good example of a promotional and corporate video. He is funny, interesting and has a story which keeps the viewer’s attention. It’s also a good example of a viral video – it has over 64 million views on YouTube.

Conjure Positive Emotions

A video that has a happy and surprising ending is one that entices people to share it with others. People do not want to share videos that are too graphic or explicit for fear of offending others. Therefore, the corporate video should be produced to make people feel good about the product, and it should include some laughter and fun for the viewer.

For a video to go viral, it should be short and it should be placed in the right location on the Internet. When it is seen by the right people, it will be shared on different social networks making it accessible to more people. For instance, you want to make sure that the video is seen by influential bloggers who love to tweet and share viral videos.

Video statistics

The 24 Hour Rule

The most crucial time for a video is during the first 24 hours. A video that is viewed and shared during the first 24 hours will dramatically increase the chances of the video becoming viral. People may watch the video. However, unless they share it, it will not go viral. When the video is shared on social networks, more people will see the video than a video that is just located on a certain site. For instance, on a social network site, you are seeing videos about the same thing shared over and over again. When you see the same video repeated, you are more prone to go check out the video on the original site. Then, you will want to share it with others on your page. Your video has now gone viral in a big way.

Make It Social

One of the main reasons every business should consider video marketing is that it’s a branding tool that will allow you to reach millions of people. Therefore, a corporate video must be social to reach the different networks of people. Some online music videos have had as many as a billion views, and what attracts so much attention to them is unusual music, and the anticipation of something surprising or fun. A promotional video created with the right intentions and using appropriate techniques can help make your company known to a much wider and more diverse audience. Needless to mention, a good video is one that will leave the viewers talking about it to others.

Video marketing has changed the way companies promote their businesses. A viral video can help a company grow in a unique and fun way. However, to make a promotional video go viral, you do need to incorporate a few things in the videos. For instance, it can be funny, unique, cute, outrageous or sad to influence others to share the video on social networking sites. People love to tweet, blog, email and post videos that touch them in some way. Therefore, social networks are the best way to market a video.