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How to Get the Best Results From Your Outsourcing Partners

We have talked in detail about why outsourcing certain aspects of your company’s operation is a smart thing, here, here and here. However, just as important as making that decision to outsource is how you approach this new partnership. Of course, it goes without saying that you will want your new partners to provide you with the best service they can but if you thought this depends solely on them, you were mistaken. You are also part of this relationship and you need to know how to contribute to it. You can do plenty to get the best possible results from your outsourcing partners.

Make Sure You Have the Right People

One of the most important things to do for your outsourcing relationship is to get in the right one. Namely, if you choose the wrong people to handle work for you, there will be very little that you can achieve by breaking your back over helping them and forming that mutually-beneficial relationship.

Because of this, you will want to hire your outsourcing partners very carefully and only when you are certain that they will be able to handle the work. You can always consult someone like Globality Consulting who will find just the right people for you, of course.

Make Sure They Understand Their Job

Once you have hired someone to outsource a part of your operation, the most essential thing to do is to explain them at great lengths exactly what it is that you are expecting of them. For instance, if you are outsourcing your marketing efforts, you will let them know exactly what kind of market penetration you are looking for and how big of an increase in customer base you need.

In order to accomplish this, you need to be as clear as you can, explaining every detail of your future relationship and cooperation. You should go out of your way to ensure they have everything in front of them. Also, make sure that they ask questions if there is anything left unclear. It is better if they bombard you with questions early on than to have to correct everything they had done just because you weren’t on the same page.

Provide Them with Every Help You Can

The biggest mistake you can make when hiring an outside partner for your business is expecting them to do everything without your help. Sure, you are paying them to do a certain job, but they will be much better at that if you give them a hand. You are working together and if you come into possession of new facts or data that will help them do their job better, make sure to share it with them.

Also, if you notice that they are struggling with something, for any reason, approach them and ask them if they might use some help from you. Perhaps they never did any work for someone from your industry and they are not sure how this industry breathes. You are and you can be of huge help to them, and subsequently yourself, of course.

That being said, you will want to avoid being overbearing, meaning being too nosy and bothering them every few days with your inputs and suggestions. These are professionals who know how to do their job. They do not need you hovering over them like some sort of annoying drone.

Reward Their Good Work

If you are very satisfied with the work your outsourcing partners are doing for you, it is very important that you show them this. They need to know that you are satisfied and that their work is appreciated beyond the money you are paying them for their services.

For example, if a certain team from their company is doing a particularly great job on your account, you can make out custom gift cards and send them to the members of this team. You do not have to load them with too much money; it is the gesture that counts. You can rest assured that these people will continue giving their best and handling your account like no other.

Closing Word

In the end, it all comes down to what you would want to get from this relationship if the tables were reversed. You would want a job that you can handle; you would want to get help from the client and you would appreciate it if you felt appreciated. It is all common sense.


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How to Choose a Right Outsourcing Partner

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image13132582Outsourcing meant for those Entrepreneurs and Business owners who understand that they can make profits with virtual teams rather than blocking their money on maintaining infrastructure or getting into hassles of operations and people management.  Despite of known pros and cons of outsourcing, these entrepreneurs prefer to choose an outsourcing partner through which they can accelerate their revenue growth, focus on marketing and keep them upgraded all the time on latest technology updates.

There are many suggestions, reviews, company experiences etc. available on internet that one can read and think through while deciding on outsourcing vendor. However, none of them guarantees that you will choose the right outsourcing partner. There are no well-defined means or tools available, which can justify that your selected vendor can deliver on time without compromising the quality and hurting budget.

Few of the important and popular tips are:

1) Value Addition:
Find out how your outsourcing partner can help you in increase the value addition to your customers without increasing the cost and stretching time-frame.  They should be able to recommend ideas, way to optimize the solution etc.

2) Quality Assurance:QA
It is MOST important to know what quality measures the vendor has. How they assure that they have proper QA process, methods and tools within the company. Will they be charging extra for tools? How understand the business flow and log the relevant bugs etc.

3) Data Security:
You will not like your business ideas, files or any data publically available or used for other projects etc. It is imperative that you find out what security measures vendor take to secure the data without any exceptions.

4) Proven records and References:outsourcing_selection
It is worth to find out the experience and expertise of the vendor. What kind of customer they have supported, industry they have catered, projects they have worked on, which technology they have expertise in and what their current customer have to say about their services. They should also be open to share the example and sample of the work they did in past.

If the vendor is new, it is worth finding out how trustworthy they can be and how they can support your project, what experience they are bringing in at individual level.

5) Similar Goals and Aims:
Find out whether business goal and aims of yours and your potential offshore development partner are same or not.

6) Flexibility and Post development support:client is king
It is important to find out how flexible vendor is when it comes to adjusting urgent support requirements at odd hours, supporting in your time zone, any hidden cost, open for discussion with developers etc. Management of vendor should be open for making changes to the team in professional manner, without affecting the productivity as and when require.

7) Human Resource Management:
Find out how vendor keep their resources motivated, what HR policies they have in place to secure the knowledge transfer, what is the attrition rate of the company, how they develop the skill set of resources and how much experience resources have who are supporting your project etc.

There are many other tips and methods available over net.  One could easily spend good amount of time and prepare a big checklist for vendor selection. However, there will always be one question – how will you believe that information which you collected is CORRECT?

Selecting an offshore development partner is not that easy as it sounds and definitely, it is not a “go with your gut” task. As a decision maker, you need not evaluate every step to make outsourcing a stress-free and successful process.

How Globality Consulting helps:
Sales consultants at Globality consulting work closely with entrepreneurs and decision makers and help them to connect with right solution provider by acting as bridge between them and saving their valuable time which they earlier used to spend on searching offshore development partner, validating their credibility and monitoring the development on day-to-day basis.  You can connect with one of our consultants at hello@globalityconsulting.com for more details.