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Launching a Successful Venture – Journey of a Sperm to Life!!

Launching is successful venture is very much like a journey of Sperms where only one out of millions gets an opportunity to give the life.  Daily there are several Start-ups which are popping up in the market out of which only few get a chance to taste the success and rest get disappears. Launching a venture is easy but pursuing your passion to pursue it to next level is what defines your success. The moment you lose your passion and focus, you will lose in the race of success

EntrepreneurshipI have been recently bitten by an entrepreneurship bug and have been reading, exploring about how to launch a venture which can help me to pay community back which has given me everything which I could ask for.   My journey has been far more challenging then what I thought and at many times I lost my direction.  Entrepreneurship is a self-evolving journey where every step you take will give you an option to choose from different new steps leading in different direction.

Being associated with an IT industry and companies working on offshore models I have gained many insights about how and what type of business operates in this industry however when it came to put my thought in a structure I understood how difficult it is to make it happen and one can end up spending sleepless nights to put it in structure.

Based on my understanding and knowledge, I have spent a lot of time in analysing about core things which I believe must be answered before I present it to market.  Few of them are listed below:

  1. Services my venture should be offering
  2. Markets we should be targeting
  3. What makes us competitive and stand outside the crowd
  4. Do we have a passion to address client issues
  5. What kind of talent we should be hiring

In the process of answering above points, I took an opportunity to meet and speak many experts who either have supported several executives in launching their ventures or have their own successful ventures in the market. In addition of seasoned experts, I also met newbies who were fairly new, less experienced and trying to launch their new start-ups. Idea of such meeting is to understand the challenges which they have faced/facing and how they are making sure that they stays passionate.

My every meeting and discussion has given me new perspective to my thought process and helped me to filter, define my offerings in a better way.  Few of those discussions were highly motivating, few were mix of positive and negative and few were hopeless but the core of every discussion was to focus on important things which will eventually help an entrepreneur to be become successful and have a successful venture.

If I have to summarize my all discussions and meeting to provide meaningful solution, I believe I can sum that in few points which are well known and shared by lot of experts however not everyone believe them till they themselves get their hands dirty in trying them. They will be:

  1. The problem and pain areas which your venture will be solving
  2. Why your potential customer think that as a problem and pain
  3. What solution/service you will offer to solve that problem
  4. How better your solution/service is from your competitor
  5. Do you have a passion to pursue that

My new venture Globality Consulting does answer above points, but these are not the only guidelines which we got to keep in mind. There is lot in there and as I mentioned above, every step we take to stabilize our own venture, a new thought comes to mind which will look more lucrative but if you are not passionate on what you started and lose focus then you opt for those options and get into a vicious, never ending circle of losing your patience and your dream and then you will end up like other sperms which don’t get chance to give life.

Outsourcing – Organisations losing confidence due to lack of right solution providers

We are in golden era where organizations from across the worlds have opened their mind about outsourcing and off-shoring their work to vendors based out of different locations so that their IT projects get properly managed, within their budgets and with quality. This era enabled many organizations to portray themselves as independent software vendors and reap the benefits of globalization and outsourcing however things are changing now and organizations are thinking twice before even considering outsourcing their projects in Asian countries. They are now hesitant and not willing to cross the bridge easily to connect with vendors and rely on them for quality deliverables.

There are thousands of vendors now in outsourcing market claiming to be a leading solution provider which enabled companies to short-list from a big list; however the main question which every organisation have in their mind is whether they can rely on this vendor, will they suffice the need, do they have relevant experience, do they understand the requirement, can they get the quality deliverables or will their idea be safe and secured and above all how they will short-list the vendors? Outsourcing is no longer related to low development rates or access to small groups – it has now grown to a level where organizations are more interested in quality and well-structured processes. They are willing to shed extra money provided their timelines are met, solution is in budget and quality is maintained.

Internet is full of blogs, news related to how badly companies are suffering from bad quality of code, deliverables etc. I have personally spoken to many decision makers who decided to move from one vendor to other just because of quality concerns and unfortunately that’s the most difficult part of this outsourcing industry.  It is really hard to find which vendor or solution provider is worth spending money with and to stick with since there is no such matrix available to judge them especially when we speak about globally located vendors.  This trend is hurting the industry since organizations are losing faith and vendors are required to push their services to win the confidence. Considering the demand of IT applications in the market, there is a huge need of developers, companies who can help in meeting this demand. Organisations are looking for right vendors to connect with and this search is not easy. Lot of efforts goes in searching for the right company and then examining and verifying their experience to make sure your choice is correct.

We at Globality Consulting, a group of sales management consultants have worked hard to eliminate such philosophy by assisting organizations through analysing their requirements and helping them to find the right solution and thereby, connecting them with companies/vendors who can provide such solutions at competitive prices and which fit into the organizations’ budgets and with high quality.  Based on our experience, we have created a pool of companies offering IT project management solutions which are hand-picked by us to make sure that you get worth of every penny you spend on your project development.