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Top 5 Employee Recruitment Techniques

Customers are the most important aspect of your business – if it weren’t for them, well, obviously, there wouldn’t be any business to conduct. Right after the customers on the priority list come the employees. Unless you’re running a one-person show, you’re going to need a solid bunch of workers behind you – a dedicated team of experts. It is true that it all starts with recruitment, which is why we’ve listed the top 5 techniques that follow.

1.     Treat the applicants right

…and treat them with the respect you’d show to your customers! This is especially important when it comes to your candidates – if treated in the right way, your future employees will come to respect your company before they even start working for you.

However, the reasons for treating the applicants with respect transcend the possibility of employment – even the candidates that don’t make the cut are potential advertising tools – treat them as equals, and they will spread the good word about you without even working for you. Besides, your company is your legacy, and you want to nurture your professional and respectful appearance, don’t you?

Respect and high option packages will pay off in the long run when it comes to recruitment.

2.     Creating a breathable atmosphere

Let’s assume that you won’t be making a multinational conglomerate with a world-wide army of employees, at least not for the time being. The more likely scenario is that you’re building a small- to moderate-sized brand. One of the biggest mistakes startups make when it comes to recruitment is the mistake of over-hiring. Sure, broadening the number of positions that you may need as your company grows seems like a smart and logical move, but this is rarely the case, as an employee clutter can lead your business straight to its demise.

Most extra positions can be patched up through freelancing – even if you can afford a regular employee, some positions are best outsourced. Before you decide to hire, think long and hard about outsourcing any particular position.

3.     Use your current employees

One of the main benefits of not having a huge amount of workers to deal with is a more intimate, personal vibe to the entire workplace. This really brings a world of cool opportunities to the table, for instance, being able to use their network of friends and acquaintances to acquire potential candidates that somebody can actually vouch for!

Additionally, your employees can help you by reviewing resumes of potential candidates, and even assist you during interviews! This is what true collaboration means.

4.     Outsource HR assistance

Knowing the ropes around the majority of company-related stuff is an impervious quality of a solid CEO. However, no entrepreneur can expect to become proficient in every single aspect of their own business – this is exactly what expert employees are for. The same goes for the HR aspect – you can’t expect to become a full-blown pro here, and you can’t really hire an entire HR department in the early days of your startup. This is where professional assistance from companies such as HR Expert comes to your aid – an instantaneous access to a large number of templates, resources and HR managers with top-notch practice can go a long way in allowing your business to thrive!

5.     Don’t disregard external advertising

Although we’ve mentioned a couple of non-conventional recruitment methods, the value of the traditional, external advertising still remains a big deal. External advertising should complement every single one of the mentioned methods.

The 5 mentioned employee recruitment techniques go hand-in-hand with each other, and are best applied in combination. Always strive to treat the applicants right, but be careful not to create a cluttered employee atmosphere. Turn your current employees into a valuable recruitment resource, don’t be afraid of outsourcing and don’t disregard external advertising.

Outsourcing Your HR– A Smart Idea?

Human Resources                                                     Image Courtesy of Pixabay.com
Human Resources is an aspect of running a business that most business owners know very little about. This is especially true for small and medium sized businesses that are mostly started by people from a certain specialized industry and who do not know that much about taking care of the “miscellaneous” aspects of business ownership. For most businesses also, HR is not essential and it does not “make money” directly. It is therefore possible to outsource it, but is it a good idea.


Recruitment is one of the most important jobs that the HR department does. Namely, they go out into the job market and they find the people who are most suitable to fill certain positions in your company. It goes without saying that recruitment is one of the essential parts of running a business successfully and outsourcing the recruitment process might actually be a good idea.

First of all, people who do recruitment process outsourcing are much more experienced and skilled at this than you, as a business owner, are. These people have been doing this for years (even decades) and they know what certain positions require, how to handle the interviews, where to look for suitable candidates, how to evaluate them and so on. In short, they know much more than you do. In addition to this, they often have access to job markets that you do not have, especially if they are looking for your new employees in other parts of the world.

One disadvantage is that outsourcing your recruitment process means that you might not have as much control about the people who come to work for you as you might want. Of course, you do not have to hire anyone that you do not like, but perhaps your knowledge of your particular industry might be more important than you would think.

Training and Development

In addition to finding you new people, an outside HR company will also ensure that your new employees stay on top of their game and one of the ways in which they can do this is through training and development. More precisely, they will know what might help your employees perform better and they will approach you with ways in which this can be done.

These can involve professional training, attending various seminars, taking different classes and more. It is essential that your workforce keeps improving as this will ensure the success of your business. Globality Consulting, for instance, can come up with some e-learning platforms that will allow your employees to learn new skills remotely, meaning that you will be saving a lot of money and they will still be getting the education they need.

Performance Analysis

Performance analysis is one of the more difficult tasks that you need to do as part of your human resources management and this is where HR outsourcing can be of huge help. Once again, these professionals will know exactly where to look and what to investigate in order to find out who has been performing well and who hasn’t. It is essential that you reward people who are great at their job and that you see what you can do about those who do not.

Saving Money and Time

The biggest reason why you will want to outsource your HR department is the amount of money and time that you will save by doing this. Hiring an outside HR company will be much less expensive than running an in-house HR department and you yourself will also have much more time to dedicate to the more crucial aspects of running your business.

In short, despite some minor bad sides, outsourcing your HR department is one of the best things that you can do for your business, especially if you can find a great company to handle this for you. And these days, there is no shortage of options.