5 Signs you Outsource to the Right IT People

For most small to medium businesses, outsourcing various IT projects is the only way to go. Most such companies do not have the money to have an in-house IT department, let alone a team that will design websites for them and develop software or apps.

This is where IT outsourcing comes in and companies like Globality Consulting who know how to get you in touch with such companies.

But, how do you know that you have outsourced well? What are the signs you hired the right IT people?

They Ask a Lot of Questions

In order to do any job right, one needs to have all the information, it is a simple fact. When outsourcing your IT projects and perhaps even entire departments, you are putting a lot in the hands of people who are not a part of your company. They do not know what your company is all about and what it is exactly that you need of them. In order to be able to provide you with the superior service, they need to know that. In order to know that, they need to ask questions.

This is why you should never be satisfied by an outsourced IT service which says okay and then goes on to work. Your outsourced partners need to be involved, inquire. Only then can they provide the service you need.

They Deliver on Time

When you are a corporate entity, i.e. a company or business of some kind, being punctual is everything. You cannot afford to let your customers or clients down and you shouldn’t find yourself being let down by the people you hire. This is why your IT service people need to be on time and punctual no matter what. When you hire them for a project, this project needs to be done on time. If they have provided you with an estimate, they should at least attempt to honor it. Being late can cause devastating problems for your company and you simply cannot afford it.

The Use State of the Art Technology

The very name of the field tells you how important technology is – information technology. You do not want to go to war armed with a big rock, do you? The same goes for your outsourced IT people. They need to be on the cutting edge of technology and open to new things. Let’s say they need to provide you with some hosting and they haven’t worked with a certain company, like for instance SiteGround. If you mention such a company, they need to be aware of it, research, find reviews of it, like here. It is all about staying in the loop and providing their clients (you) with the best service possible.

They Are Growing

One of the best indications that a company is doing a great job, including an IT company of any sort, is that they are growing. This means that new people are finding them and that new people are satisfied with their service, meaning they recommend them. Who knows, maybe you recommend them? Once they start growing, their services might worsen for a brief period, but you should never tolerate anything too serious. You are one of their original clients and they need to know how to honor that.

They Suggest New Things

When we say “they suggest new things”, we do not mean “they are constantly trying to sell you new stuff”. We mean that they are coming up with ways in which they could better the service they provide for you as a unique client. As time goes by, they will probably come up with new ways in which they can help your company and if they do come with you with these new suggestions, you should listen to them. Who knows, maybe they have something truly special on their minds.

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