Corporate Videos and Social Networks

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Corporate videos and social networks work together to make businesses successful. When videos become viral, a business is exposed to people around the world, which in turn brings more buyers, clients and customers.

A corporate video promotes a product or service by concentrating on making the video interesting to a wide audience. Viewers do not tend to click on or watch a boring video that compares different brands. They are more interested in listening to and watching a compelling narrative. Once you create such a video, your product can be mentioned at the end of it.

Grab the Viewer’s Attention

It is necessary to capture the attention of the viewer during the first five seconds of the video. The attention grabber can be created using music, dramatic introductions or other action scenes. Once you have caught the viewer’s attention, you will want to keep them interested. The video will need to create an emotional engagement by making them cry, laugh or even smile. Without the emotional engagement, the audience may become bored with the video before they watch it to the end.

Engage the Audience and Motivate them to Share

A corporate video that engages the audience will be one that people will want to share on social networks. These videos will be seen around the world by many people. Therefore, social networks are important for video marketing since more people can hear about the company’s services or products. This video with Van Damme by Volvo trucks is a good example of a promotional and corporate video. He is funny, interesting and has a story which keeps the viewer’s attention. It’s also a good example of a viral video – it has over 64 million views on YouTube.

Conjure Positive Emotions

A video that has a happy and surprising ending is one that entices people to share it with others. People do not want to share videos that are too graphic or explicit for fear of offending others. Therefore, the corporate video should be produced to make people feel good about the product, and it should include some laughter and fun for the viewer.

For a video to go viral, it should be short and it should be placed in the right location on the Internet. When it is seen by the right people, it will be shared on different social networks making it accessible to more people. For instance, you want to make sure that the video is seen by influential bloggers who love to tweet and share viral videos.

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The 24 Hour Rule

The most crucial time for a video is during the first 24 hours. A video that is viewed and shared during the first 24 hours will dramatically increase the chances of the video becoming viral. People may watch the video. However, unless they share it, it will not go viral. When the video is shared on social networks, more people will see the video than a video that is just located on a certain site. For instance, on a social network site, you are seeing videos about the same thing shared over and over again. When you see the same video repeated, you are more prone to go check out the video on the original site. Then, you will want to share it with others on your page. Your video has now gone viral in a big way.

Make It Social

One of the main reasons every business should consider video marketing is that it’s a branding tool that will allow you to reach millions of people. Therefore, a corporate video must be social to reach the different networks of people. Some online music videos have had as many as a billion views, and what attracts so much attention to them is unusual music, and the anticipation of something surprising or fun. A promotional video created with the right intentions and using appropriate techniques can help make your company known to a much wider and more diverse audience. Needless to mention, a good video is one that will leave the viewers talking about it to others.

Video marketing has changed the way companies promote their businesses. A viral video can help a company grow in a unique and fun way. However, to make a promotional video go viral, you do need to incorporate a few things in the videos. For instance, it can be funny, unique, cute, outrageous or sad to influence others to share the video on social networking sites. People love to tweet, blog, email and post videos that touch them in some way. Therefore, social networks are the best way to market a video.

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