Promoting a New Startup in 5 Easy Steps

Owning a startup is one of the best ways to start climbing up in the business world and when you look at some of the today’s most successful companies, you’ll notice they actually started as startups. This means you too can become a success story, but only if you’re willing to strive for greatness and actually know what to do. Promoting a startup might not be the easiest part of the job, yet it’s something every business needs, so here are some of the most effective techniques you might want to explore.

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Make a viable plan

The biggest problem lots of startups are facing at the moment is not having a clear vision of their future. The CEO’s know they want to make a living first and earn more and more money later – which is ultimately why they started a startup in the first place – but they’re not sure what to do. That’s why you must make a viable business plan for the years to come and know what you’re trying to accomplish. Writing down your goals and working towards realizing them every single day is the only way to actually do something in this dog-eat-dog business world.

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A website is a must

We can’t stress this enough: you simply can’t own a company in the 21st century without a website! Although everyone should be aware of this, there are lots of people who think otherwise, yet nobody’s ever heard of them. Why? Because they don’t have a website! Yet a number of startups still think this is too expensive, so they aren’t willing to set some money aside for a website. However, if you scratch the surface of the Internet, you’ll find tons of inspirational and helpful things that will make your job easier – just find a way to use other people’s experience and you’re already halfway there!

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What about social media?

This is another amazing way to get the word out and make people know about your company. Moreover, social media is free and you basically won’t have any trouble using it, even if you have little or no experience with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If your website has quality content and you’re offering something other companies in your area aren’t, building a social media presence is easier than you think. In the end, this is important on several levels – it reaches new audience, helps your customers identify with your brand, enables quick communication, etc. – so explore all the options social media platforms are offering.

Promotional gifts

This is another easy way to advertise yourself and a minimal investment can really go a long way here. Whenever you’re meeting potential new partners or important clients, a promotional gift or two will make a powerful statement and let them know how seriously you take your job. These gifts are often simple and inexpensive, but also quite practical, which is why everyone loves them. For instance, a couple of elegant diaries from Aussie Custom Diaries that feature your brand’s logo will surely spread your message to new clients and partners effectively.

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Reach all age groups

One of the reasons so many startups fail is because they focus just on one age group and ignore everyone else, deeming them unworthy of their time and investment. However, not only is this way of thinking wrong, but it also makes zero sense if you want to run a successful business. Therefore, think outside the box and change this paradigm by appealing to all age groups equally because you can never know how popular your service or product could be with the elders or teenagers.

Other ideas

Promoting a new startup is always hard and if none of these ideas seem to be working, just find other options. Some of the most popular ones include launching a guerrilla marketing campaign, offering discounts for regular customers and focusing on the word-of-mouth marketing in your own neighborhood as all of these will turn your first-time clients into recurring ones.

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